Official website about the Michael Lee & colleagues visit to Lab25

From March 23 to March 28, 2019

Monday, March 25

Sala de Juntas 1, 3rd floor Edificio B

Morning talks

~30 minutes long talks

10am - 2 pm

Michael D. Lee

Joachim Vandekerckhove

Mac Strelioff

Food break

Pozole in "La casa de Toño"

2pm - 4pm

Afternoon talks and activities

Manuel Villareal Ulloa

Carlos Velázquez Vargas

José Luis Baroja Manzano

Tuesday, March 26

Morning talks

Sala de Juntas 1, 3rd floor Edificio B

10am - 2 pm

Holly Westfall

Alex Etz

Elena Villalobos Nolasco

Ele made this simulator of the Tradeoff Model, Check it out!

José Manuel Niño García

Adriana Felisa Chávez De la Peña

Adriana is as confused as always and she's not sure about which one of the following talk/work/ideas she's going to be presenting:

Food break

Tacos & a Walk through University City

2pm - 4pm

Afternoon activities

Dinner at Dr Bouzas' house!

Wednesday, March 27

Wednesday would be the day where all kinds of collaborations begin between members of the UCIrvine team and Lab25!