Official website about the Michael Lee & colleagues visit to Lab25

From March 23 to March 28, 2019


Michael D. Lee


Michael is an expert in Bayesian approaches to Cognitive Modeling (as well as one of the few die-hard fans of the Australian Indie band The Church).

His research involves the development, evaluation, and application of models of cognition including representation, memory, learning, and decision making, with a special focus on individual differences and collective cognition."

Joachim Vandekerckhove


Joachim is also a faculty member at UC Irvine. His academic interests are response time modeling, model fitting, computational statistics, psychometrics, Bayesian statistics

Alex Etz


Alex is a grad student interested in statistics, Bayesian analysis, reproducibility, and improving research methodology.

Holly Westfall


Holly is a grad student. Her interests cover Modeling memory and knowledge representation, including clinical applications

Mac Strelioff


Mac is also a grad student, who's interested in reinforcement learning, temporal discounting, prediction markets, judgment and decision making