Lab 25

05 Mar 2018

“Michael Lee visits Lab 25” (2018 Edition!)

From his very first visit Dr. Michael Lee has helped the members of Lab25 to get a better understanding of how Bayesian Cognitive Models can benefit Cognitive Sciences. On each visit, our projects and understanding on the subject have become more and more ambitious, and Michael has always been always in the best disposition to help us get further, showing us the best way to conduct our projects so we can do a better job at describing the phenomena we are interested in, by means of all kind of Bayesian methods.

Being his third visit to Lab25, Michael Lee knows most of the Lab25 crew: he knows what our main interests are and, as time has come by, he has seen us all grow and get better in the art of Bayesian Cognitive Modeling.

This year, Michael visited Lab25 to catch up with some previoulsy established collaborations, and to begin new ones!

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Michael Lee is an incredible statistician, and a beloved friend of all Lab25! We all love the motivational burst he always leaves us with!