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Melisa E. Chávez Guerrero



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PhD Candidate in Psychology at UNAM. My dissertation compares and contrasts different methods to assess intertemporal preferences (publication coming soon).

This past spring I was a visiting scholar at the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory from Carnegie Mellon University ( in Pittsburgh, PA (go Penguins!).

I obtained my bachelor's degree in psychology from UNAM back in 2012. My thesis researched how young people assess positive and negative outcomes of drinking alcohol, via latent variables models. While I was working on that project, I got an associate degree in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL), also at UNAM.

Research Interests

My main interest within decision sciences is the study of intertemporal choice; my secondary interest is the assessment of risky behaviors (probability estimation of outcomes, commitment strategies, and so on). More broadly speaking, I am attracted to psychometrics, public policy, and adaptive decision making topics.