Official website about the Michael Lee & colleagues visit to Lab25

From March 23 to March 28, 2019


Arturo Bouzas Riaño


B.A. in Psychology at UNAM in 1967; M.S. in Clinical Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook (worked in Howard Rachlin's laboratory, with Leonard Green and Gene Heyman); PhD in Experimental Psychology from Harvard University in 1976, advised by Dr. Richard Herrnstein; Post doctoral position at Toronto University (1977-1978)

Upon returning to Mexico, he incorporated as a faculty member at the School of Psychology at UNAM, which he directed from 1997 to 2001. Afterwards, he was a visiting professor at the University of California, San Diego. He is currently a full-time tenured professor, part of the National System of Researchers (second level) and currently holds the Ezequiel A. Chavez special chair.

He's interested in the Adaptation of Behavior to the statistical properties of biologically important environments. His current lines of research include: Choice Behaviour, Behavioural Economics, Probability Learning, Intertemporal Choice, Game Theory and Bayesian Cognitive modeling.

Manuel Villareal Ulloa


Manu is a grumpy genius!

He's got a B.A. in Psycholy from UNAM and a speciality in Statistics from theResearch Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS-UNAM). He has worked on learning in two persons zero sum games and optimal experimental desing in perception of change in probabilistic environments.

His academic interests go from Game Theory to Reinforcement learning, Perception, Memory, Bayesian Cognitive modeling, Optimal experimental desing, mathematical models in psycology, among others. He's been working on some very interesting materials about Reinforcement Learning and Optimal experimental design, you should definitely check it out!

Manu is soon to be a part of the UC Irvine's team as well!

Carlos Velázquez Vargas


Carlos is probably one of the most hard-working persons you'll ever met.

He has got his B.A. in Psychology from UNAM. In his own words, he's interested in "how human and non human animals learn about the structure of changing environments. Particularly, how this might be modelled through reinforcement learning algorithms and, ultimately, the neural mechanisms to implement them". He has some pretty interesting works on Reinforcement Learning and Change adaptions

Carlos is soon to start his phD at Princeton University!

José Luis Baroja Manzano


José Luis... well, he's one of a kind! Incredibly intelligent (and quite unpredictable), José Luis was one of the first students from the currently presented team, to join Dr. Bouzas' lab.

He got his B.A. in Psycholy from UNAM, after which he studied a Specialty in Applied Statistics at the Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS-UNAM). He's currently working as a Faculty member at the Psychology School of the UNAM.

He's a greeeeeat chess player and he's always happy to accept a new challenge! He also enjoys riding his bike and go hiking.

Elena Villalobos Nolasco


Ele is the kind of person you would love to have on your team to keep everything working! Very organized and full of energy, Ele is usually the one who has everything under control.

She's got a B.A. in Psychology from the UNAM and is currently studying a speciality on Applied Statistics at the Research Institute in Applied Mathematics and Systems (IIMAS-UNAM).

She's developed some interesting works on Risky and Intertemporal choice. More recently, she's become interested on the Public Policy domain of Behavioural echonomics

José Manuel Niño García


Niño is an undergrad student, who's currently working on his thesis on Intransitivity

He has recently returned from an internship in the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he worked with Vicente Ponzoda and Jimmy de la Torre. Although the work he's conducted has been with Risky choice behaviors, he's gained some interest in psychometrics.

He's also a great cook (cakes and italian food seems to be his specialty)

Uriel O. González Bravo


Uri is an undergrad student who's working on his thesis on Timing.

He made an internship at the Nottingham University with Dr. Massimiliano Di Luca and Darren Rhodes on 2017.

Adriana Felisa Chávez De la Peña


Adriana is a polite and enthusiastic student who keeps overestimating the amount of things she can do in a limited period of time, (she made this website on a shiny Sunday afternoon).

She's got a B.A. in Psychology at the UNAM. She's recently stopped working at the National Institute of Educational Evaluation.

Her academic interests go from Perceptual decission making, psychophysics and psychometrics, to Cognitive development and, more recently, risky choice behaviour. At the core of all that, is a profound interest in learning Bayesian cognitive modeling.